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Traveling Roads/Elevated Transits System Super Fast Construction Technology/ New Malls New Wind Mills/Sea Generators New Amusement Parks & Entertainment Concepts Floating Bridges/Ports/Cities Sunlight in The Night/space Elevator Breaking of Input Out Theory
Traveling roads/Elevated Transits System
Super fast construction Technology/ New Malls
New wind mills/Sea Generators
New Amusement Parks & Entertainment concepts
Floating Bridges/ports/cities
Sunlight in the night/space elevator
Breaking of input out theory
Suresh Chawla Suresh Chawla
12 Technologies Capable to Change Global-Economic & Climatic Fortunes
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  1. Super Fast Construction Technology
  2. New Malls


1. Super Fast Construction Technology 

Nobody will ever make a house or carry out any kind of R.C.C. constructions on this earth using present construction techniques, once new construction technology is made public. 

  • When a house owner or a builder who wants to build a house or a multistory building will see one floor of his dream house/building which is going to last 100 years is ready in one single day. 
  • With all columns, beams and walls complete pending painting only
  • With all doors & windows with all fittings and glass in place
  • With  all concealed electric conduits in place
  • With all concealed electrical, T.V. telephone, fire-fighting, heating, air-conditioning and all other kinds of  wirings in place
  • With all fire fighting and  heating pipes  in place
  • With all concealed water supply - pipes, sanitary, plumbing, pipes etc in place and for that matter all concealed items in place.

Not only that but

  • Scaffolding out side the building  which lasts as long as construction goes on is not required and in its place scaffolding  for  only one floor for whole multistory building is required at one time  and is in place
  • All ornamental exteriors, domes, chajjas, recesses, Balconies etc are in place & cost of construction has reduced drastically
  • No requirement of any labor be it a mason or a plumber or a carpenter, a painter or an electrician or even a single laborer at his site of construction.
  • The technology is so simple that from a villager constructing a single room to a contractor constructing Fly-Cover’s, bridges dams. Drains, columns for mass transportation, water tanks, man hole covers, and others will use this technology to save on cost, enormous time & cost over run.
  • The design of his house is one provided by his own architect and structure designer and not prefabricated or mass housing.
  • For a pre -designed house which will now be available on web sites and through albums in workshops round the corner provided by leading corporate.

This technology is not prefabricated but cast at site and as per designs of the architect.
The same technology is good for bridges, dams, canals etc which will be ready in few days rather than years. 
The cost of construction is reduced by 35% requiring no labor, mason, carpenter, plumber etc on site except a few workers trained in trade from a near by work shop.
 The neighbor hood work shops will undertake constructions once the technology is made public.
The saving world wide using the technology comes to US $ 400 billion each year. Please check power point presentation.
Practical demonstration of technology already made (Please check Photos)
 On demand the technology can be again demonstrated
Details of technology provided as per power point presentation.


2. New Malls

Malls represent changing Indian aspirations.
The malls, far from being mere shopping complexes, are an analogous world with a varied lifestyle, and have come a long way to represent the aspirations of the burgeoning Indian middle class.

Malls today reflect the exodus of frantic purchases, ripping away purse strings to live the life of their dreams.
Malls have food courts, game complexes, boutiques, bars, fast food joints, jewellery stores, supermarkets, and much more. One can go to malls at all times of the day, during different times of the year. There is of course one commonality in all malls.

At each of these places, at most times, there are exodus of people, relishing the pleasures of a newly acquired lifestyle. But most importantly, malls are becoming an indispensable and inseparable part of our lifestyle!

In the past few years, the number of malls in the western suburbs has increased dramatically. From the large ones like the Pantaloons, to the not so large ones with the local shopkeepers turning their shops to big stores, each of these malls boasts of the swarms of people they cater to.

There is but one thing undoubtedly commendable about malls. It is their incredulous quality control. Malls today have become a parameter of quality control.

Inside their premises, everything from the people that flock these malls, to the shops inside, the food, the water, the floor, and even the air inside the mall is strictly regulated to perfection. It is the perfect recipe for artificial rejuvenation. As one walks through the irritatingly frictionless floors of these malls, still one desires to spend more time in mall.

But of late, most Malls have become similar in looks and content with same brands and material splashed on to them again and again.

Keeping this deadlock in mind, New concept Malls with new looks have been designed which will definitely attract more people and provide them pure pleasure.


Suresh Chawla’s   philosophy of inventions is based on understanding of  the   problems being faced by today’s  world  which is the direct result of mind less development   perused by a few without  caring  for the ill effects on environment and stake  of majority in the same space of this  planet.
Suresh chawla has dedicated his life to invent new technologies, techniques and processes, which shall improve the way we live. It is his contribution to the make Planet Earth green and prosperous.
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